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Lizardmen do not reproduce, give birth or parent young in any conventional sense. Instead, entire generations - or 'brothers of the same water' - simply emerge, fully formed from spawning pools in the jungles or in the dank caverns beneath each temple-city, even those otherwise ruined.

These pools have existed since the age of the Old Ones, and contain a weirdly glowing, magical, primordial soup. Many spawnings are predicted in Sacred Plaques, while others occur without warning, and are always treated as holy portents of great significance.

The war against the Skaven Clan Pestilens was heralded when the Sacred Pools of Reflected Clouds were poisoned by the foul ratmen, cruelly malformed Lizardmen crawled forth to die within hours. Spawning pools are amongst the most sacred of places to the Lizardmen, and the loss of even one is a great tragedy.[1]


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