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File:Spider Riders.jpg
A group of Spider Riders.

Out of all the matter of beasts inhabiting dense forests of the Warhammer world, none have such a kinship with Forest Goblins as the Giant Spiders. Quite often, the fully grown spiders are used as a mount for the daring Spider Riders. The enemies of Forest Goblins can find no refuge from them, for no kind of obstacle will slow down a creature so accustomed to navigating woods. Indeed, these arachids are even able to crawl up the walls to eliminate the hostile firebases.

Usually, a Greenskin rider will carry a shortbow to thin the enemy ranks before the main assault. The quick shooting will then be followed by the potent assault, where Goblin spears, coupled with strong, poison-dripping mandibles of their mounts all but ensure the deaths of unwary enemies.


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