Spine of Sotek

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The Spine of Sotek is a mountain range that runs along the entire length of the eastern coast of Lustria. [1a]

Hundreds of Volcanoes are found across the range as well as huge glaciers. [1a]


There are many historic sites once used by the Lizardmen but most are now little more than deserted ruins. [1a]

  • Amaxon River: The mighty waterway begins in the Mountains. [1a]
  • Chasm of the Condor: The only pass through the mountains, guarded by the Lizardmen of Xhotl. [1a]
  • Mine of the Bearded Skulls: It was discovered by a shipwrecked sailor of the Empire high in the mountains as she sought shelter from a blizard and found a great wall of bearded skulls. A golden door opened for her in its confusing depths and she lost all sense of direction as she traveresed strange stairs and saw great silver structures as well as glass spires where creatures floated in a green liquid. [1b]