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Spireguards are the Swifthawk Agents that guard the beacons of civilization, like the soaring White Towers and the monument-cities of the Aelves. The Spireguard can have members of many different Aelven origins.[1]


Despite their disparate origins, the Spireguard all serve with the same stalwart dedication, breathtaking martial skill and fierce determination. The Spireguard are armed with a Silverwood Spears and a Aelven Shield for melee, with a Spireguard Bow for ranged combat. They are better combatants if they are in units with more than nineteen soldiers. Their discipline allows them to resist the terrors of war if they are close to their heroes. They are lead by a Watch Master that is better at fighting with a Silverwood Spear and supported by a Hornblower, whose sounds improves their charge, and Standard Bearer, who improve their bravery.[1]