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Spites are capricious and unpredicatable spirits of nature found in forests, especially Athel Loren. [1a]

They are tiny spheres of energy but can adopt a variety of forms.[1a]


Spites are as likely to lead a lost traveller to their doom as aid them although in times of peace they are mostly friendly and harmless, acting as caretakers of the forest and helpers. They frequently adopt an indivdual and play practical jokes on them but can also be very protective of their hosts. Easily provoked, when angered they shift to dangerouly aggressive forms. [1a]


  • Despairs: Three Sister-spites appear to announce the death of an individual and so are greatly feared. [1a]
  • Luminescents: They may assist any host they favour with magical spoor that enhances their weapons. [1a]
  • Malevolents: Aggressive defenders with their Elf-shot(tiny needle-like arrows) which can send targets to sleep for centuries or merely suffer a painful, lingering death. [1a]
  • Mischiefs: Often appearing as tiny glowing elves with tattered wings, they send mortals into trances and befuddle their minds. [1a]
  • Netlings: Spider-like in form they scurry over a host and snag enemy weapons with magical filaments. [1a]
  • Radiants: Found only with Forest Spirits they resemble shapes of pure light and avoid elves. [1a]
  • Shrikes': Malicious spites that fly upon the backs of black birds appearing as tiny knights or razor winged pixies. [1a]
  • Terrors: They dwell in dark places and delight in terrifying intruders into their domain, finding it hilarious if the victim dies of shock. Secreting themselves on a host, they also suddenly appear screaming and wailing to cause terror in its enemy. [1a]

Wood Elves

The elves try to placate and distract them with shiny trinkets or food. [1a]



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