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Squigs, or Cave Squigs are amongst the most deadly creatures to be found in deep caverns. They are a hybrid of fungus and flesh, with round bodies and enormous mouths.[2a]

Night Goblins hunt Squigs using long forks called 'prodders'.[2a] Squig skins and hides are used to make many different things, including ropes, and Squigs taste delicious roasted.[1] In battle Squigs are herded towards the enemy by Night Goblins equipped with pitchforks, firebrands and drums.[1]

Some especially reckless Night Goblins ride Squigs into battle. They have no control over fast the Squig moves, although they are able to guide the Squig towards the enemy.

The semi-mythical Great Cave Squig is even more ferocious than a 'normal' Squig. If one is captured it makes an excellent mount for the bravest Night Goblin leaders.[2a] The Night Goblin chieftain Skarsnik has a pet Squig called Gobbla, who has a mouth so vast that it can swallow enemies whole.[2b]