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Stürmjarl is the Shaman Lord of Ejsgard in Norsca. [1a]

He dwells in the largely unhabited realm of Esjgard where many Dire Wolves, Snow Trolls hunt and whose mountains border the Realm of Chaos. [2a]

The god of mischief Loki gave him the gift of being able to wield Dark Magic, hiping to ensare him in his schemes but Stürmjarl has been able to retain control of himself due to his willpower. [1a]


Like many Norse Shamans he is ugly and very smelly. [1a]


Alone, he studies the sagas and acient lore, worships the gods, his home shoruded from intruders by illusions and thick fog. [1a]

In times of need for the Norse people, Stürmjarl will emerge from seclusion using his staff of storms and his magic to devestate the enemy. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

He carries Runes carved from the knuckle bones of beasts or out of stone that when he recites words of power enable him to predict possible futures. [1a]

  • 4th Edition: Hand Weapon. [1a]


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