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The Stardrakes are mighty dragonlike children of Dracothion, creatures of celestial magic. [1b]


Although they have their own unique language, they can also understand the varied languages of Aelves, Duardin and Humans. Until the Age of Sigmar however it was rare that they would interact with other races. [1b]


Some believe that Dracoths are actually immature Stardrakes that will eventually return to the heavens to complete their metamorphosis. [1b]

Stardrakes obtain sustenance both by basking in starlight and from consuming meat from prey such as stymphalions, zephyrgriffs, thundertusks and grigordons. Whilst they also hunt Chaos creatures, they will never feed on them for the corruption of Chaos is anathema to them. [1b]

When a Stardrake dies, it is normally reincarnated in the Heavens in a new form, but as the Age of Chaos continued, less and less spirits of slain drakes were able to reach the heavens to be reborn. By the Age of Sigmar, the stardrakes were at risk of becoming a dead race. It was this that finally spurred the creation and opening of the Extremis Chambers. [1a] Those stardrakes souls that become trapped manifest as solargems and are protected by powerful enchantments so that only the most noble can find them. [1c]

Stormcast Eternals seeking to become part of a Drakesworn Temple undertake the Trial of Starwalking and a worthy few are able to find these lost solargems. Returning them to the heavens will allow them to bond with the renewed stardrake. [1c]


It was during the most intense starfalls that the noble children of Dracothion would descend into the Mortal Realms, establishing fortress's in the remote locations, favouring the highest peaks with the oldest amongst them taking the highest perches. [1b]

On occasion a common foe would be enough for a drake to join other races but once the threat was destroyed, they would return to their isolation. This would not change until the Age of Sigmar[1b] when the Extremis Chambers where opened. Sigmar and Dracothion saw these as emulating their own relationship and bond - one able to deal with any threat that they might encounter - in particular the Greater Daemon. [1a]

Bonded Drakesworn Templars and Stardrakes now work together and can be found in their Stormhost's Drakesworn temple when not fighting against the enemies of Sigmar and Dracothion.[1c]



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