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Stirland is located between Talabecland and Averland.

The Grand County of Stirland[1a][2] is a very large province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Asoborns[3][4]. Its colours are green and yellow[5c].


A relatively poor province, Stirland is named after the river Stir. Sylvania was officially annexed by Stirland, but is de facto a separate land. The current Elector Count of Stirland is Alberich Haupt-Anderssen[5b][8b].


Stirland's provincial colors are green and yellow and its banner contains a skeleton sounding a hunting horn, representing a "call to battle."[5c] Another common banner in Stirland depicts a warrior maiden, probably Queen Freya of the Asoborns.[2]


Many Stirlanders claim descent from the Asoborn tribe. [1a]

Known Features


The uniform colours of Stirland are green and yellow but may be combined in various ways, usually changing when new uniforms are issued and to distinguish indidvidual regiments from each other. [11a]


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