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Stirland is located between Talabecland and Averland.

The Grand County of Stirland[1a][2] is a very large province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Asoborns[3][4]. Its colours are green and yellow[5c].


A relatively poor province, Stirland is named after the river Stir. Sylvania was officially annexed by Stirland, but is de facto a separate land. The current Elector Count of Stirland is Alberich Haupt-Anderssen[5b][8b].


Stirland's provincial colors are green and yellow and its banner contains a skeleton sounding a hunting horn, representing a "call to battle."[5c] Another common banner in Stirland depicts a warrior maiden, probably Queen Freya of the Asoborns.[2]


Many Stirlanders claim descent from the Asoborn tribe. [1a]

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