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The Stone Snakes are a nomadic Savage Orc tribe fighting against the Chaos Dwarfs. [1a]

They seldomm travel as one force but go forth in small groups, taking circuitous routes before coming together at agreed meeting points. [1b]


Members of the tribe wear garments stitched from animal skins, often from large snakes, but they will also use other monstrous Dark Lands beasts to make them. Ornamentation is usually made from snake’s fnags and heads. [1b]


The tribe were captured and enslaved in the Darklands by Chaos Dwarfs but from the perspective of their shaman and chief, it was all still part of Mork’s plan! However he was later flattened by a spiked steamroller.... [1a]

After a severe beating and during a violent thunderstorm, the Stone Snake’s apprentice Shaman, Hizsss Snakeskin experienced a divine from Mork who told him to free his tribe. When he complained that the enemy were too many, the god told him Release da Humies! Dere’s loads of ‘em down ‘ere wiv us! Get ‘em to work for us! and he was imbued with great power. [1a]

The young shaman did as he was told and released the Ungol slaves toiling with them and they fell upon the Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins. Following the slaughter, he and the other Orcs did not hang about to see what the humans would do but now they wage a war against the slavers, liekyl unwinnable but that mans little to an Orc! [1a]


They reject civilisation, limiting themselves to artefacts of animal hide, stone and wood. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

As would be expected, they use weapons fashioned from natural materials such as flint, snake fangs, stone or obsidian but they do not normally use shields. [1b]


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