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Stormfiends are enhanced Rat Ogres created in the End Times by Clan Moulder. [1a]


Throt the Unclean determined that the previous incarnations of the Rat Ogres could be made far more effective and deadly if they were more intelligent but his initial experiments were failures. He found that the more they could think, the less mindlessly violent they were and the mindless violence aspect was a key selling point of the species! He tried sewing Packmasters directly into the beasts, connecting their brains and vital organs but the displeasure the packmasters felt at this was quickly expressed as they exerted control over the hulking flesh-beasts. [1a]

Without further "volunteers", Throt created a sub race of large brained but submissive skaven which he then integrated into a warpstone harness until their bodies wasted away leaving a brain that could be implanted into the Rat Ogre. They remained highly dangerous but could now operate machinery - however large technological weapons were not easily available to Clan Moulder meaning they could only be armed with ogre sized Hand Weapons. Only their old rival Clan Skryre could provide what they wanted. [1a]

Luckily, Lord Mortskittar was receptive as he was planning the demise of the Grey Seer's and needed the support of other Great Clans to accomplish this. Therefore he sent the out of favour Ikit Claw to Hell Pit with the oversized weapons he had been working on. Despite their mutual mistrust, Ikit and Throt worked together to produce the new weapon-beasts and the trials within a sealed slave-pen was incredibly gory success. [1a]

They were as deadly as their ancestors but now were able to deal with enemy heavy missile weapons on even terms, the three rotary cannons causing carnage in all enemies they faced. The various Warlord Clans could not buy enough of the new creatures and the two Great Clans could not keep up with demand. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Stormfiends are protected by either Light Armour or Warpstone-laced Armour for close combat variants. Each beast has several identical weapons - Doom-flayer Gauntlets, Grinderfists, Ratling Cannons, Shock Gauntlets, Warpfire Projectors or Windlaunchers.[1a]



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