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Titles Lord of the Raging Sea
Shark God [2a]
Wrecker [2a]
Status Active
Domains Storms[1a]
Sea Dangers[1a]
Aspects El Bicho do Mar[1a]
Affiliation Empire [2a]
Followers Cult of Stromfels[1a]
Symbols Bolt of Lightning[1a]
Great trident dripping blood[1a]

Stromfels, Lord of the Raging Sea is the god of the dangers of the Sea including Storms, Sharks, and Pirates. [1a]

History and beliefs

The origins of Stromfels are unclear, but scholars have argued that he is in fact a Norse God brought to The Wasteland in 1109 IC by the invaders under Snorri Half-hand, others claim he is a aspect of Khorne but few believe this. Stromfels is not commonly worshipped by the Norscans, though observers point to Sartosa and Marienberg, places where the cult is strong, having histories of Norscan settlement.[1a][2a]

Stromfels is the God of the hazards of the sea, such as reefs, sharks, storms, and currents. He is the patron of a particular form of pirate known as wreckers who lure ships to their destruction upon reefs, shoals and rocky coastlines, in order to plunder them.[1a]

Stromfels' greatest enemy is Manann, the god of Great Rivers, Seas, and Oceans. Some worshippers of Manann regard Stromfels as a darker, wrathful aspect of the Sea God. These thoughts are usually kept private in fear of swift retribution.[2b] Stromfel cultists believe that he is the true form of Manann, in all of his fury and power.[1a][2c]

Unusually in the pantheon of the Old World, Stromfels is not believed to be the son or brother of another deity, nor a mortal ascended to godhood.[1a][2d]

Stromfels is portrayed as an enraged Manann or as a great shark.[1a]

Cult of Stromfels

Stromfels' followers are the pirates, plunderers and wreckers along the great rivers and coasts of the Old World. Cults dedicated to Stromfels are usually small, and hidden away from fear of execution. However, many sailors do admit that if Mannan does not answer their prayers, they will call on other names for protection.[2e] There are often small, secret shrines to the Shark God exist in the Guild Halls of Sailors.[2f]

The Cult of Stromfels does not find common cause with the worshippers of Chaos, who they see as indulging in needless sadism. The Cult sees the cruelty of their actions as a secondary consequence, rather than their purpose.[2g] Khorne, as an example, is regarded as too wanton in his bloodthirst, while Stromfels' worshippers see themselves as predators who must continue to have prey. The Cult of Stromfels is unusually tolerant of mutations that do not weaken the mutant, which is commonly regarded as tolerance towards Chaos, but is not seen that way by the Cult.[2h]

The Cult of Stromfels is outlawed in the Empire due to its criminal nature. The High Elves of Ulthuan, unusually, find his worship uniquely abhorrent, despite their usual disinterest towards human religion. The prosecution of Stromfels worshippers has been included in the Elven terms of trade treaties.[2i]

A cultist seen as offending Stromfels may be required to carry out a penance, often swimming in dangerous waters or conducting raids. The most serious penance is to fight a Grey Barbed Shark armed only with a dagger.[2j]

Stromfels is seen by his worshippers as helping those who help themselves, and is not generous with his blessings or miracles.[2k]


Stromfels is seen as an uncaring God, who is difficult for his worshippers to offend. His Priests care little for theology, leading by example in raiding and wrecking, rather than contemplating the mysteries of Stromfels. Some traditions, however, are kept alive by his adherents.[2l]

  • Take No Prisoners
  • Power is to be Sought, and Exercised, for its own Sake
  • Power is to be Instituted by Physical Force
  • Send a Sacrifice when the Tides Turn

Holy Days

His holy days are Mitterfruhl (spring equinox) the start of hunting season and Mittherbst, the Autumn equinox for the start of the storm season. [1a][2m]


He is known in Estalia as El Bicho del Mar and Stromfalo in Tilea. [1a][2n]


A Bolt of Lightning, a Shark or a great trident dripping blood.[1a][2o]

Rock formations that resemble the dorsal fin of a shark are considered particularly significant by the Cult.[2h]

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