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Sulekh was a female black dragon that served Malekith as mount during the first war between the Dark Elves and High Elves before the Sundering.[1a] She was the mother of three black dragons who also fought in Malekith's army.[1b] She was said to be "the greatest of the black dragons"[2] and described by prince Finudel of Ellyrion as "the largest dragon I have ever seen.[1c]

In the battle of Maledor at IC -2724[3], Sulekh slew Prince Carvalon of Yvresse and Prince Finudel of Ellyrion. Sulekh and Malekith then fought Phoenix King Caledor I and his dragon Maedrethnir. Caledor was thrown from his saddle and Maedrethnir wounded and forced to flee. Ultimately Sulekh was slain by Caledor wielding the spear Mirialith taken from the body of the fallen prince Finudel.[1d]

The dragon Seraphon, who would later serve Malekith as mount, was a descendant of Sulekh.[2]


Some sources mention a dragon named Baraug who served as Malekith's mount during the war before the Sundering and who was slain by Caledor at the marches of Maldour (presumably another spelling of Maledor).[4]

This matches the known facts about Sulekh. It is possible that Baraug is another name for the same dragon.


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