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Taktak'rillo is a Skink Priest, the master of the cerulean rites and the favoured servant of the Slann Starmaster Lord Xen'phantica. He has been slain many times and has always brought back by his master.[1]

As a master of the cerulean rites, the Azyrite star rituals, Taktak'rillo is able to grant blessing upon seraphon summoned into reality by his master with whom he shares harmonic qualities.[1]


He was vital at the battle of Sunken isles, where he predicted the enemy actions and consequently the seraphon warhost was able to counter the enemy assaults and in in time wreck the Idols of Gitza. In his devoted service to the great slann, he has been slain many times - most spectacularly by the daemon Kiathanus as the Age of Chaos began. Every time Xen'phantica has summoned him from his memories, with only occasional differences in the pattern of feathers in his cloak.[1]