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Talabecland is located in the centre of The Empire.
The banner of Talabecland.
A common banner of Talabecland.

The Grand Duchy of Talabecland[1a][2] is a central province of The Empire being the homeland of the ancient Taleutens[3][4]. Its symbol is a crowned red eagle and its colours are red and yellow[5c]. The current Elector Count of Talabecland is Helmut Feuerbach[5b][8c].

The province is named after the Talabec, a sacred river of Taal, god of Nature and Wild Places. His cult is the most popular and important one among Talabeclanders.


The two main colors in Talabecland are red and yellow. The banner of Talabecland has a crowned red eagle on a yellow background. This symbol is usually used to represent Myrmidia, but in Talabecland it represents the sharp eyes of Taal. Other common devices on banners are skulls, antlered heads, and trees. When Talabeclander regiments cross the River Talabec, they dip their banners in its waters, hoping to gain Taal's blessing.[5c][2]

Known features

  • Talabheim[5a][6a][7][8a]: Talabecland's capital, a semi-independent city-state and residence of its Elector Counts.
  • Old Forest Road[5a][6a][7][8a]: This road connects Talabheim with Middenheim to the north and with Wurtbad to the south.
  • Great Forest[6b][7][8b]: This very large forest covers large parts of Talabecland.
  • Elven ruins[5a][6a][8a]: Hidden in the Great Forest are the ruins of a High Elf city.
  • Lieske[1c]: Home of the Taal's Bowers Inn
  • The Barren Hills[1b][1c]: A haunted and barren wasteland in eastern Talabecland. The brothers from the Temple of Leopold in Priestlicheim are dedicated to figuring out and destroying whatever curses this land.
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