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List of Unsourced Statements

===Age of Chaos===Korghos Khul and his Goretide toppled Scorched Keep, the last true bastion of resistance in the Brimstone Peninsula, earning Khul the title 'the Butcher of Scorched Keep'. In the wake of the fortress' fall, Khul led his warriors on a triumphant rampage that saw Blisterfell Peak and the Carbidium run red with the blood of their peoples.[8]
===Age of Sigmar===
  • Battle at the Unreachable Mountain: Lord-Relictor Ionus Cryptborn of the Hammers of Sigmar transports his forces and those of Lord-Celestant Victrian Cyrocco of the Tempest Lords to the Unreachable Mountain, where they engage the bloodthirster Skarbrand and his followers. Cryptborn caused an avalance that drove Skarbrand into the Crystal Henge, where the enchanted bloodquartz crystals amplified the daemon's blinding rage to even greater heights and broadcast it across all the Flameworlds. The daemon's rage burned away the Plague of Atrophy that Bloab Rotspawned had cast over the region, caused countless mortals across Aqshy to turn on their Chaos oppressors, and also caused many followers of Khorne to die as the overwhelming rage blew their heads apart. Skarbrand's fury overwhelmed shattered the Crystal Henge, sending shards of crystal to shred his own body and banishing the daemon back to the realm of Chaos. No sooner had Skarbrand's fury faded when Cryptborn himself was slain by Valkia the Bloody.Needs Citation
  • Battle of the Tauroi Archipelago: The Tempest Lords attacked the Tauroi Archipelago to liberate the human tribes known as the Candlemen from the Khorne-worshipping bullgor tribes. They were nearly overwhelmed until Skarbrand's amplified wave of rage caused the deaths of thousands of the Chaos-worshiping bull-giants.Needs Citation
  • Siege of the Crescent Isle: Archaon and his Varanguard attack the Land of the Chained Sun to capture Ignax, the Solar Drake. Archaon's forces are joined by Korghos Khul and his daemon legions from Orb Infernia. They are met in battle by the Stormcast Extremis and the Fyreslayers of the Chained Sun. The fires of Ignax incinerate all those save the fyreslayers, whose worship of Grimnir grants them protection from the Solar Drake's flame, and Archaon himself, whose personal defenses are too potent to overcome. Archaon successfully binds the great zodiacal monster to his will by driving the Slayer of Kings into the drake's head, allowing the power of the Chaos blade to overwhelm her mind. Unbeknownst to Archaon, the auric runesmiter Dorryc Claimblade is able to lay Auriakh, the Father Rune of Binding, upon Ignax, ensuring that the beast can be controlled by duardin who invoke the rune.Needs Citation
  • The Great Plateau of AqshyNeeds Citation
  • Vexillia: Once known as the Golden City.Needs Citation
  • Burning Karaks: A magma-powered empire of the duardin. Sigmar's knights fought both skaven horde and duardin throng, but ultimately won the allegiance of the Fyreslayers. Their quest led to a chain of alliances that has yet to be broken.Needs Citation