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Taltus is a Lord-Ordinator of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost. [1]


A lean but muscular man with knotwork tatoos that curl around his biceps. Whilst his head is kept shorn save for a scalp lock that hangs down to his chest plate, he maintains a long moustache that he often tugs on as he speaks. [1a]


As a mortal, he was a contempoary of the famous Guym of Megado and moved in similar circles in the Lantic Empire. [1b]

He assisted with the reclaimation of Caddow, building defences with the Ironweld Arsenal. He looked forward to spending years re-building the city. [1]


The greatest cities are not those which scrape the earth bare and build on raw rock. Rather, it is those which grow in harmony with the landscape. A city nust be a part of the land, and the land, part of the city. The land and that which it stands upon are not seperate things. You see?

~ Taltus to Albain Lorcus.[1b]