Taltus Strongarm

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Taltus Strongarm was a Retributor under the command of Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand of The Hammerhands Warrior-Chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost. He later became a Concussor of the Hammers Draconis.[1]


During the battles of the Igneous Delta, Taltus was cut down by the overwhelming numbers of the Goretide. He remembered felling dozens of the snarling warriors, battering them with sledgehammer blows – but then came pain. The agony of death was soon washed away as Taltus returned to Realm of Heavens. Instead of being reforged by Sigmar he was sent adrift in the Sea of Stars being reforged by Dracothion's breath. He absorbed more enegies as he went on the Quest of Starfire and tamed a Dracoth during the Trials of Starwalking, becoming a member of the Dracothian Guard of the Hammers Draconis.[1]