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Tamurkhan, known also as the Maggot Lord, the Son of the Great Kurgan, Master of Hosts, Bringer of Desolation and the Favored of Nurgle, was once one of the greatest Chaos Champion of Nurgle in recent history.

Numerous legends and lies have clustered about Tamurkhan long before he had gathered his great horde, and in his fulfillment of a prophecy, struck out like a poisoned talon at the wider world beyond the Chaos Wastes. Some tales speak of him to be the millennia-old scion of the Great Kurgan, one of four sons, mighty and terrible, who each set out to the four winds to conquer in the service of the four great powers of Chaos.[1a]

Others had it that he was no more than a vermin once — a corpse-canker grown fat and clever on the spoiled entrails of the battlefield, swelled up and tranfigured in the basking light of the Eternal Battle in the uttermost north. In either case he was an arrogant, savage and monstrous warlord, and a true reveler in decay and death, fated as one of Father Nurgle's most favored children for the carnage and suffering he had wracked in his god's name. As the leader of a decaying warband of fanatical acolytes and twisted monstrosities and riding upon his mighty mount, Bubebolos the Toad Dragon, Tamurkhan carved a bloody path for himself on the road to victory, amassing around him a great host in his master's name.[1a]

Regardless of his original status, Tamurkhan had long ago been blessed by Nurgle, mutated and warped to resemble a giant maggot, Tamurkhan could burrow into the bodies of his foes, taking them as his own. Throughout his life he had used the rotting corpses of other Chaos Champions and even an Ogre Tyrant as his own, discarding them once destroyed and often possessing the very foe who had defeated him. Kayzk the Befouled was one of the first to flock to Tamurkhan's banner, joining with the Maggot Lord in the Chaos Wastes. [1a]

Tamurkhan was ultimately slain by the vast power of the Baleflame Amulet, an ancient artifact worn by the Empire Champion, Theodore Bruckner.

Items & Abilities

Tamurkhan was one of the greatest Champions of Nurgle in existence, a being capable of possessing and rotting the body of any who were unlucky enough to defeat him.

  • 8th Edition: Black Cleaver, Bubebolos, Tamurkhan's Rune Blade. [1a]
  • Tamurkhan's Rune Blade - While Tamurkhan was in possession of the rotting remains of the Slaaneshi Champion Sargath the Vain, he also wielded that fallen warrior's murderous Chaos Rune Blade, an ancient weapon finally shattered in combat with the Ogre Tyrant Karaka Breakmountain. [1a]
  • The Black Cleaver - As part of his pact with the Chaos Dwarfs of the Black Mountains, Tamurkhan was gifted by them with a great double-handed axe fitted with a smouldering, cleaver-like pitted blade, borne up from deep within their vaults. The strange greyish fumes that the massive weapon exudes when swung are foully poisonous, which pleased the Maggot Lord greatly. [1a]
  • Bubebolos - Tamurkhan rides upon a mighty Toad Dragon known as Bubebolos, considered one of the greatest Toad Dragon to have ever lived. [1a]
  • Feast of the Maggot Lord - Tamurkhan is nothing more than a maggot wearing the skin of his victims and when killed, his true form burst forth and attack the one who has struck him down, driving deep into the beings flesh and taking up a new host for his grand quest. [1a]



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