Tarion Arlor

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Tarion Arlor is a Stormcast Eternal, a Knight-Venator of the Shadowhammers, a Vanguard-Chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost[1]

He often accompanies Neave Blacktalon on her adventures, his companion is the Star-eagle Krien. [1b]


He has short cropped blonde hair, strong but open features and green eyes, around the left a tribal tattoo curls. [1b]


Tarion has conections and friends in the Swifthawk Agents, Kharadron Overlords and other Stormhosts.[1d]


When he first picked up his helm as a Stormcast he dented it unaware of his new strength and whilst compensating for a old bit no existent injury. He had been reforged five times in five years. [1b]

To the north of Hammerhal Aqsha in the Heironyme Jungle, Tarion and Neave tracked down and slew the champion of Tzeentch, Xelkyn Xerkanos. [1a]

He was part of Shadowhammers deployment to the Realm of Ghur to investigate the fall of Fort Vigilance. [1c] After the first successful engagement he flew to Excelsis to investigate Neave's visions and had an audiance with Lord-Castellant Martoris Skywarden at the Excelsian Eeyie [1e] who directed him to the wounded ranger Thindrael Anyaerios and the Realm of Ghyran where they travelled to the ruins of Highcrater Watch. [1f]

There he was saved from Rotbringers by Sylvaneth of Clan Thyrghael who gave him a message to give to Neave which he delivered and she knocked him unconscious to avoid him travelling into further peril with her. [1f] Later he would lead the rest of the Shadowhammers back to Ghyran and aid in the destruction of the sronghold of lord Ungholghott.[1]


I've died in Sigmar's name several times now. I've felt my soul leave my shattered mortal remains and race back to the heavens. I've been reforged, certainly. But I still gave my life, and with each self-sacrifice I have lost a little more of myself. Memories, thoughts, feelings that I will not regain

~Tarion to Neave.[1d]