Tears of Isha

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Tears of Isha
Tears of Isha 5 Cover 001.jpg
Author(s) Thomas Pirinen
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Released 1998

Tears of Isha is a Campaign pack for Warhammer Fantasy Battles (5th Edition) that describes the a major conflict between two twin brothers, one of whom had jouined the Dark Elves seeking vengeance on his younger sibling, chosen as heir. [1]

Tears of Isha (Jewel)

Ancient and magical jewels that are said to be the actual tears of the Goddess transformed by Vaul himself with the assistance of Lileath and which enable Isha to communicate and watch her beloved children. [1]


  • Warhammer Campaign
  • The Tears of Isha
    • re-conquest of the Shadowlands
    • The Brothers of Craith
    • The war of Brothers
    • Campign Map
  • Scenario 1
    • The Bloodied Shores
    • The Diversion
    • The Beacon
    • Fighting the Battle
    • Scenario Map
  • Scenario 2
    • The Battle of Shadows
    • The Hidden Camp
    • Fighting the Battle
    • Scenario Map
  • Scenario 3
    • Defence of Eagle Pass
    • The Hidden Route
    • The Shield Wall
    • Scenario Map
  • Scenario 4
    • The Battle of Brothers
    • Call to Arms
    • Revenge of Kaldor
    • Scenario Map
  • Appendix 1: Brothers in Blood
  • Appendix 2: Using other Armies
  • Appendix 3: The Battlefield
  • Card Building Assembly Instructions