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The Tears of Isha are ancient and magical jewels that are said to be the actual tears of the Goddess Isha transformed by Vaul himself with the assistance of Lileath and which enable Isha to communicate and watch her beloved children. [1a]

They are called Quyl-Isha in elvish. [1a]

It is disputed how many of the tears were created, some say as many as two score, others only seven. One is kept in the Tower of Hoeth with which the High Loremaster can communicate with Isha, another is in the Gaen Vale with the oracles of the Everqueen whilst a third lies in Athel Loren inside the Oak of Ages. Finally two more were heirlooms of House Coraith, embedded in a pair of Runeswords said to be also made by Vaul. [1a]

Although the Dark Elves and the Witch King have long sought to claim the jewels, they are kept guarded and hidden with only the two runeswords used openly but only a true descendant of House Coraith can touch them and live. [1a]


When Asuryan passed judgement on the Elves, he declared that although they would be wise and long lived, they would still eventually age and die - so that they did not become a threat to the gods - this deeply affected Isha who wept for her childen. [1a]

Vaul took them and with the assistance of Lileath, made them into magical jewels that the goddess could use to watch over and even communicate with her children. [1a]

Two were embedded in runeswords and used by the legendary heroes Asurain and Caradan passing through to their descendants In House Coraith. [1a]

The song that tells of the final battle between the two heirs of House Coriath records that such was the slaughter that Isha cried new tears which would become jewels and objects of power in the mortal world. [1b]


Although the other Jewels that have Runes that grant peace or protect the bearer, the twin runeswords have runes of dominion. [1a]

See Also

  • Cynatcian: Deathsinger, one of the two House Coraith Runeswords. [1a]
  • Elthraician: Doomsinger, one of the two House Coraith Runeswords. [1a]


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