Temple of Hashut

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At the pinnacle of the Tower of Zharr Naggrund lies the Temple of Hashut, a place of worship and sacrifice to the bull-shaped god of the Chaos Dwarfs, whom they call the Hashut, the Father of Darkness. Within the temple, its guardians, the Bull Centaurs perform bloodthirsty rites, throwing captives into cauldrons of molten metal and the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers preside over the worship of their dread god. Atop the temple stands the iron statue of Hashut in the shape of an immense bull, whose iron belly contains a furnace which makes the statue glow red hot and searing to the touch.

The Temple itself is by far the largest ziggurat in the city and is surrounded by a wide chasm that stretches down into darkness. The cacophony of wails and machines erupting from is below enough to strike fear into hearts of even the bravest individuals.

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