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A Tenderiser is a Chaos Dwarf War Machine first created by the Artificer Thymbrin Snakebeard. [1a]

A varient of the Whirlwind also created by Thymbrin, its axle is linked to three vast hammers which batter and crush enemies as its pushed forward by the Boar Centaur. [1a][2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 3rd Edition: Barding, Double Handed Weapon, Heavy Armour. [1a]



Simple but effective. As you can see , we have two types completed: The Whirlwind, with its rotating blades and flails, and the Tenderiser, with a bank of trip-hammers and heavy maces. Simply get them going fast, and they'll carve you several nice, big, ragged holes in enemy ranks. I'm working on a number of other ideas of course, but these are what I have ready at the moment.

~ Thymbrin Snakebeard.[1a]


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