Terradon Riders

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A Terradon Rider.

Terradon Riders are a mighty and fast moving force of scouts and aerial warriors that have patrolled the skies above the Lustrian Empire for centuries.[1a]


Only the Skinks have mastered the art of riding the fearsome Terradons in battle by capturing Terradon hatchlings at such an early age that the beasts would eventually bond with their future riders — no easy matter considering the height and precariousness of Terradon lairs. There is a great demand for these Terradon Riders as messengers and scouts, and they are exceptionally useful in battle. There, they streak ahead of the main Lizardmen force, the Skinks clinging to the flying reptiles’ backs, launching poison-tipped javelins or slinging deadly fireleech bolas.[2a] [3a]

Veteran riders, known as Sky Leaders, know how to harass larger units, whittling them down to size before flying into combat to finish them off. Terradons are known to snatch eggs from the nest-lairs of any number of Lustria’s gigantic creatures. Some of these eggs bear shells so thick that not even determined sledgehammer blows can break them. This does not stop the Terradon, however, as it simply grasps the egg with its talons and soars, dropping it from on high. Alternatively they drop rocks on to the eggs. [1a]

The Skinks have exploited this instinct in battle by training their Terradons to glide over the enemy while clutching a rock in their talons. From far above, the Skink rider will survey the battlefield and choose a target. On the Skink’s signal, the Terradon will release its burden. With the momentum of its fall, a single such boulder can cause horrific damage, but an entire unit can unload a barrage — a veritable avalanche of death from the sky that wreaks blood-splattered devastation upon the foe. The Skinks have improved the accuracy of these natural bombs by installing chains into specially crafted spheres of masonry, which are easier for the Terradons to grip and are inscribed with ancient glyphs of fortune and devastation.[1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition: Two Skink riders with Hand Weapon, Short Bow. May have Javelin, Shield, Spear. May have Poison Arrows or Javelins. [2a]
  • 6th Edition: Two Skink riders with Hand Weapon and Poisoned Javelins. May have Brave. [3b]
  • 8th Edition: Two Skink riders with Hand Weapon and Lustrian Javelins. May replace Lustrian Javelins with Fireleech Boals. May have Sky Leader. [3c]




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