The Citadel Journal 26

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The Citadel Journal Issue 26
Citadel journal 26 cover.jpg
Editor(s) Andy Jones
Released 1998
Preceded by The Citadel Journal 25
Followed by The Citadel Journal 27

Issue 26 of The Citadel Journal was published in 1998.


The magazine contains background articles, modelling advice and rules for:

  • Welcome to the Citadel Journal, pg. 1
  • The Caudrax Campaign: Warhammer 40,000, pg. 5
  • Ash Nomads: Necromunda, pg. 16
  • Njet Comrade!: Kislevite Shamans in Warhammer Quest, pg. 21
  • The Struggle for Karak Eight Peaks: Warhammer Scenario, pg. 28
  • Write for the Journal, pg. 35
  • Romiet and Julio: Necromunda, pg. 37
  • Archiving Service, pg. 41
  • Thunderhawk Gunship, pg. 43
  • Outriders: The Ultimate Gamers, pg. 44
  • Classic Wood Elves, pg. 56
  • Snotling Teams, Blood Bowl, pg. 64
  • Warped Visions, pg. 68
  • Gaming Contacts, pg. 72
  • Is there anybody out there?, pg. 78
  • Bitz N' Tipz: Big Guys, pg. 88
  • Sister Slica and Ork Dreadnought Companion, pg. 93

Warhammer 40,000 & Necromunda

  • An overview of the contents for Warhammer 40,000 and Necromunda can be found here.

Lexicanum disclaimer

The Citadel Journal, Fanatic Magazine and similar out-of-print hobby magazines regularly included articles submitted by hobbyists. These may be in contradiction to established background. Articles in the Lexicanum, based on content from these magazines are marked with the following disclaimer:

Fanatic-Logo.jpg This article or article section is based on informations from Fanatic Magazine or its predecessors (i.e. Citadel Journal, Necromunda Magazine etc.). As the included articles and information are often created by readers, they may be in contradiction to the official background

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