The Citadel Journal 48

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The Citadel Journal Issue 48
Citadel journal 48 cover.jpg
Editor(s) Warwick Kinrade
Cover Artist John Gravato
Released 2002
Pages 48
Preceded by The Citadel Journal 47
Followed by The Citadel Journal 49

Issue 48 of The Citadel Journal was published in 2002 by Fanatic Games.


The magazine contains background, modeling ideas and rules for:

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

  • High Elf Lords, p.8
by Alessio Cavatore
Updated rules for High Elf special characters:
  • Illuminations, p.28
Showcasing the fan art of David Griffith.


  • Blood Bowl Magazine, p.41
Musicians in Blood Bowl, by Carl Brown
Good Form!
Team formations, by Andy Hall


  • The J Files, p.17
Jervis has his say about points values, who needs them?
  • Mailbag, p.32
Gamers feedback and opinions

Warhammer 40,000

  • An overview of the contents for Warhammmer 40,000 can be found here.

Lexicanum disclaimer

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