The Generals Compendium

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The Generals Compendium
The Generals Compendium 6 Cover.jpg
Author(s) Eric Sarlin, Jeremy Vetock
Released 2003
Pages 176
ISBN 1-84154-436-1


The Generals Compendium is a promotional supplement featuring campaigns and scenarios for the 6th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It is a 152 page soft back book and was first printed in 2003.


  • Introduction
  • Linked Campaigns
  • Map-based Campaigns
  • Campaigning In The Land of the Border Kings
  • Games Mastered Campaigns
  • Competitive Gaming
  • Hostile Terrain
  • Allies & Multi-player Games
  • Boats in Warhammer
  • Raids & City Sacking

The book also contains a fold out map of the Border Princes attached to the rear cover.

Authors, Artists and Co-workers

  • Authors
Eric Sarlin, Jeremy Vetock
  • Graphic Design, Production and Layout
Will Drew, John Shaffer
  • Photography
Steve Fuller
  • Hobby Team
Jason Buyaky, Chad Mierzwa , Jake Landis, Chris McPherson
  • Border Princes Map
Rick Smith