The Grudge of Drong

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The Grudge of Drong
The Grudge of Drong 5 Cover.jpg
Author(s) Nigel Stilman
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Released 1996

The Grudge of Drong is a campaign book set in the lead up to and then during the War of Vengeance [1]


  • Warhammer Campaigns
  • The Campaign
  • What you will need
  • Preparing for War
    • How the Campaign Works
    • Setting up the Games
    • The Four Battles
    • Choosing Forces
    • Roster Sheets
    • Special Characters
  • The Grudge of Drong
    • Founding of Tol Eldroth
    • Bronn's Stronghold
    • The Coming of Thrund
    • The last of the Bronnlings
    • The Wrath of Drong
    • Drog prepares for War
    • Map of the Lands around Tor Eldroth
  • Scenario One: The Battle of Grudge Pass
  • Scenario Two: Ambush on the Dwarf Road
  • Scenario Three: The Brewery Bash
  • Scenario Four: The Battle of Krag Bryn
  • Appendix One - Four.
  • Card Building Assembly Instructions