The Loathsome Ratmen

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The Loathsome Ratmen and all their Vile Kin
The Loathsome Ratmen cover.jpg
Author(s) Mitchel Scanlon
Editor(s) Matt Ralphs
Released 2004
ISBN 978-1-84416-116-1

The Loathsome Ratmen is a background book written by Mitchel Scanlon, published by Black Library.

It is a discussion of the legendary Skaven


  • Introduction: Map
  • Part One: Unatural History
  • Part Two: A Treacherous Hierarchy
  • Part Three: Damnable Works
  • Part Four: Hidden Infamies
  • Afterword: A Call to Action
  • Bibliography and Notes on Sources


Like a number of other Black Library publications such as The Empire at War it is also a book in the warhammer world, this one by Wilhelm Leiber and published in 2313 IC.

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