The Nest-Ports

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Since the end of their second major civil war, the Skaven have expanded along the Tilean and Estalian coasts. Several lairs have been tunnelled out along the rocky-cliff lines. Clan Skurvy, based below the Tilean city of Tobaro, controls the largest of these, but Clan Rikket and Clan Skuttel maintain rival fleets. Through tunnels that travel out to the nearby isles of the sirens, Clan Skurvy has gnawed out the cavern harbour known as Spineport. Protected by a maze of fog enshrouded rocks, false lights and foul sorceries lead trading ships to smash themselves against the Spineport's protective barriers. The inflow of salvaged wealth funds the ever-growing navies. The clanfleet ships are made of rotting worm-ridden wood clad in iron and powered by banks of rowing slaves. Negotiations with Clan Skryre seek to contract the Warlock Engineers to produce warpstream engines that will surely increase the range of Clan Skurvy's piracy along the coast.