The Rat and the Serpent

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The inhabitants of the Lustrian temple city of Chaqua had taken Skaven of Clan Pestilens as sacrifices. The Skaven were carried through the city to the temple where they were sacrificed to secure a blessing from the Old Ones. But the warriors of Chaqua had done more than bring prisoners back to the city, they had also bought with them the disease and the plagues of the Skaven clan. Before long the weaker Skinks and the lumbering Kroxigor began to sicken and die. Soon the majority of the Skink and Saurus population were dying of disease. It was not long until the cities Mage Priests began to show signs of sickness. The Slann retreated to the temple to consult the plaques of Chaqua. After a number of days sealed within the temple the Slann emerged to see that only a tenth of the population remained. The Slann told those that remained to leave the city, then they were carried by the remaining temple gaurd back into the Temple and sealed from the world.

The Escape from Chaqua

Those few that remained alive when the Slann told them to leave were mostly skinks. The greatest of these survivors was Tehenhauin. He alone recovered the Plaques detailing the Prophesy of Sotek and he marched at the head of the column of survivors.

The Prophet of Sotek

Before long Tehenhauin was regarded throughout the Lizardman race as the Prophet Of Sotek. He travelled from city to city preaching the words of Sotek. Only Sotek could save them from the Ratspawn that had risen from the tunnels beneath the continent.

The century of war

The Lizardmen led by Tehenhauin clashed against the Skaven of Clan Pestilens many times over the course of the next century. The Mage priests looked into the skies and saw the Serpent Tongued comet that was spoken of in the Prophesies of Sotek. Realising Tehenhauins words to be true they ordered for the Skaven to be driven from Lustria, or , an even better solution, destroyed. The two sides clashed in massive battles that reduced the jungle for miles around to ash and scoured the areas of life. Soon the number of Skaven taken prisoner was too much to handle, and so the sacrifices began.

The Great Offering

The sides of the temples ran red with Skaven blood and the piles of bodies grew larger. As the number of sacrifices grew the comet began to grow larger in the skies above Lustria. Tehenhauin urged the skinks to continue their sacrifices. At the moment the comet filled the sky a great number of serpents rose from the ground and began to consume the Skaven in vast numbers. After a final push by the armies of the Temple cities and Tehenhauin,s own force of Skinks, the Skaven were thrown from Lustria.

The Age of Sotek

Tehenhauin was brought before a council of Slann, every Slann attended this great council, during the meeting that lasted many hours Tehenhauin persuaded the Slann to worship Sotek as a god. In the wake of the council the Slann ordered that temples to Sotek were to be built and that he should be venerated. And so with Sotek hailed as the saviour of the Lizardmen an age of blood and sacrifice began.