The Return of Nagash (Novel)

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The Return of Nagash
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Released 2014
ISBN 9781849707169
Followed by The Fall of Altdorf


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The Return of Nagash is the first novel in The End Times (Novel Series) by Black Library.

Cover Description

The End Times are coming. As the forces of Chaos threaten to drown the world in madness, Mannfred von Carstein and Arkhan the Black put aside their difference and plot to resurrect the one being with the power to stand against the servants of the Ruinous Powers and restore order to the world - the Great Necromancer himself. As they set about gathering artefacts to use in their dark ritual, armies converge on Sylvania, intent on stopping them. But Arkhan and Mannfred are determined to complete their task. No matter the cost, Nagash must rise again.