Thostos Bladestorm

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Thostos Bladestorm is Lord-Celestant of the Bladestorms of the Celestial Vindicators Stormhost.[2]


Blonde haired and bearded with a square jaw and heavy features.[2]


Before he was reforged he was Prince Caeran of Amcarsh. Returning home through the pass of Unnumbered Birds with head of his enemy, Sur Jactr, a Chaos champion and Reaver of the Sixteen cities he discovered the Great Glen of the Wolf had been attacked and despoiled by by Beastmen. Enraged, he and his companion, Tarm fought hard to avenge the dead of the four villages and the Wolf Keep before they were overcome. As they were about to die he called upon Sigmar and was taken by the Storm god to be reforged.[2]

First Foray into Anvrok

He was released upon Anvrok with three Stormcast Eternal Brotherhoods to find the Silverway. Upon finding it and fighting off an attack by the Bleak Horde of the Chaos Sorcerer Ephryx, Thostos went after the sorcerer and assaulted the Eldritch Fortress in the Ruins of Elixia. Thostos attacked the fortress and taunted its defenders into opening the eastern gates.

When they came out the first wave was quickly slaughtered but the second locked themselves in lines behind enchanted shields that made Judicator bolts ineffective. Thostos quickly developed a work around by ordering his Judicators to shoot at the metallic earth near the warriors feet, as the electrical discharge followed through their metallic boots into their body. He saw the Sorcerer and made a leap to attack him, but got washed away by sudden waterfall of gold that propelled him into the courtyard and within reach of a Mutalith Vortex Beast whose tentacles transmuted him into a statue of living moving Sigmarite.

He laughed as the creature's ability was turned against itself as he was now immune to it's effects and harder than ever, slaughtering the creature and finding the wizard just ahead of him. At this moment the Tzeentchian panicked and cast a spell to turn life into death using the power stored in the fortress. Thostos saw a bright light as he died and was sent back to Azyr to be reforged. He reported this light as golden, violent and pure to Sigmar himself, which the God identified as Ghal Maraz.[1]

Yet in his reforging he lost the last memories of his former life.[2]

Heldenhammer Crusade

Battle for Manticore Dreadhold

Battle for the Ironholds


Lend me your might! If you can still hear me, if you care still for the lives and deeds of mortal men, then grant me as much of your power as you might spare, so that I may be avenged upon the slayers of my folk, that I might kill them and kill them and never rest, not until every last drop of Chaos-ruined blood has been spilt and washed away from the soil of Amcarsh by clean rains. I do not ask to be saved. I do not plead for my life. I ask only for strength. I ask only to be avenged.

~ last words of Prince Caeran.[2]