Throne of Power

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Throne of Power at war

The Throne of Power is an ancient Dwarf artefact said to be created by Grungni himself. [1a]

For over four thousand years, the Dwarf High Kings have been carried into battle on the Throne of Power. The throne is an ancient wonder and an astounding piece of craftsmanship, a marvel amongst the Dwarfs. The throne normally resides in the cavernous throne room of Karaz-a-Karak, raised upon a massive pedestal of polished stone. Those who would seek an audience with the High King must climb a fligh of steep steps as the Dwarf Lord stares down at them imperiously from the massive throne.[1a][2a]

It is said that whilst the Throne of Power endures the Dwarf race will also endure, but should it ever be destroyed then the Dwarf race will be doomed. [2b]


In -4421 IC, year 102 by the reckoning of the Dwarfs, Grungni makes the throne and gifts it to his eldest son Snorri Whitebeard.[1b]

All the Dwarf High Kings since the first one, Snorri have sat upon it. [1a]

Over the thousands of years that the Throne has been carried to war, it has only received a few minor dents from the most powerful of foes - Dragons and Greater Daemons. [1a]


The throne is inscribed with the great rune Azamar, the unique rune of eternity - a rune so potent that only one of it can ever exist and mean it can not be harmed by any known force. Even magical enegeries will often be dispelled by the powerful runes inscribed into the throne. [2b]


A high King travels to war upon the throne, carried by four Thronebearers - strapping Dwarf bodyguards. Atop the deck, the High King wields his weapons to deadly effect, knowing that the throne is virtually impervious to harm. [1a]

Tradition dictates that whenever the King sits down, he must do so on his Throne of Power. To this end, the throne is continually carried around after him as he goes about his daily business. This can be extremely inconvenient, but the Dwarfs are great traditionalists and the High King must be seen to uphold the ancient ways. The throne is borne aloft by four strapping Dwarfs called the Thronebearers, chosen for their courage, might and wisdom. [2a]

It is a great honour for a Dwarf to be a Thronebearer, for they are also the High King's bodyguard. They follow him all day, and stand by his side wherever he goes. When he is ready to sit they bring his throne for him and when he no longer wishes to walk, they carry him aloft on the throne itself. Only the fittest and strongest Dwarfs are up to this daunting task, and the Thronebearers train rigorously every day. Most of their training involves drinking vast quantities of nutritious Dwarf ale to build up their strength as they must be able to fight as well as carry the throne and the king. [2a]

The Thronebearers swear a binding oath never to abandon their Lord, and to give their own lives to protect him. Dwarfs take this sort of thing extremely seriously, and to break such an oath would bring lasting dishonour to the oathbreaker's family, descendants and ancestors. ln all of Dwarf history there is only one recorded occasion when a Thronebearer, Forkhelm Shiverback, abandoned the High King in battle. His entire family subsequently left Karaz-a-Karak and wandered eastward into the Dark Lands never to return. This terrible shame is not something Dwarfs ever talk about. [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition: Four Throne Bearers each clad in rune inscribed Gromril armour. [2a]




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