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Titles God of Runesmiths
Domains Rune magic and Runesmithing
Type Ancestor God
Affiliation Dwarfs
Relatives Grungni(father)
Symbols his personal rune on a Hammer

Thungni is a minor Ancestor God of the Dwarves. [1a]

The son of Grungni and Valaya, Thungni travelled deep below the earth and discovered the realm he called Ankor Bryn, the Glittering Realm where he discovered the secrets of rune magic. When he returned he discovered that only Grungni and some of his descendants could emulate his new skill. Smednir, his elder brother taught him metalworking and craftsmanship and together they made many fabulous rune-weapons for both the other ancestor gods and also the early Dwarf kings. One of their creations was the legendary Ghal-Maraz.[1a]


  • Never reveal the secrets of Rune Magic to anyone other than apprentices. [1a]
  • Never let a rune-weapon be taken by an enemy of the Dwarfs, make sure it is lost or destroyed. [1a]
  • Always investigate and recover lost Rune-weapons. [1a]
  • Never allow non Dwarfs who have discovered the secrets of Rune magic to pass on their knowledge, especially humans who call themselves "rune masters". [1a]
  • Never allow poor craftsmanship to spoil your reputation. [1a]


A red haired and bearded dwarf in full plate armour inscribed with his personal rune. In one hand he holds the rune-hammer named Karaz-Kazakrhun (Enduring War Rune) and in the other a runic staff to symbolise his skill and power as a runesmith. Only runesmiths are eligible to become initiates and priests. [1a]


Shrines can be found in work halls of the Runesmith clans and in workshops of expatriates but there are no formal temples to him.[1a]

The cult is on friendly terms with those of the other Ancestor Gods, especially Grungni and hostile towards enemies of the Dwarf race and human rune masters. [1a]