Tichi-Huichi's Raiders

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Tichi-Huchi's Raiders

Tichi-Huichi's Raiders is a renowned regiment of mercenary skinks riding Horned Ones. [1]

They are a portentous spawning, created for a mission devised millenia ago. [1]

Battle Cry

Tupyn tzlaga anapaq quito qrizliz - roughly translated it means: Get out of the way because the Cold Ones are thirsty. [3]


For a long time, Tichi-Huichi thought he was the only survivor of Enxilada but on the five-thousan cycle of the Sun, at the equinox of Topec, on the meridian of the Serpent Star, [3] a spawning pool brought forth skinks whose elaborate head crests showing them to be favoured of Itzl and destined to ride Horned Ones. [2]

A spawning of Horned Ones came swiftly after and like the crested skinks they were also blessed by Sotek, as shown by their vermillion markings . Tichi-Huichi knew that it was his destiny to lead them to recover the treasures of the Old Ones. [2][3]

For several years he trained the skinks in all the ancient lore of Enxilada and they looked uppn as their leader and mentor and each rider had also formed an empathatic link with the Cold Ones. Then A Slann Mage Priest in Zlatlan focussed on the mind of Tichi-Huichi gifting him with the knowledge of his purpose in the plans of the Old Ones. He was gifted visions of lost potent talismans and artefacts which had been looted from Enxilada and other places - it was his purpose to bring them back. [3]

He set forth into the lands of the new ones, first encountering a nomadic Arabyan tribe who were only able to hire his formidable looking regiment of Al Saurim with what appeared to them to be a minor talisman rather than the other treasures they offered. They raided into the Lands of the Dead - ancient Nehekhara, pillaging many tombs and necropolises. [3]

Finally one day the dead rose from the sand in the ensuing battle, all the Arabyans were killed but tthe Lizardmen fought the dead to a standstill. Then the Liche Priest came forward and and unwrapped a standard with a sacred plaque mounted upon it which was recognised and the Raiders were recruited into the army of the Tomb King for whom they fought for several years. [3]

They pursued a party of Dwarf treasure hunters and forced them to make a final stand, during which a statue of the Monkey God]] was revealed to the Lizardmen. The Dwarf Lord gave the looter a boot up the backside and told him to leave it, seeing their only chance of survival. A skink retreived the treasure and the Dwarfs warily departed, followed at distance by the Raiders. [3]

They were next hired by the Lord of Barak Varr for a mere three gold plaques and now the Raiders fought against the Orcs & Goblins until in turn, they were hired by the Greenskins. who were convinced that Mork, or possibly Gork wanted them to hire them. With each change of employer a new treasure was claimed and whatever happened to them, Tichi-Huichi and his warriors survived and their foes were always convinced that they should hire them in turn.....[3]

Raiders for Hire

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Edition:: Cold One, Hand Weapon, Shield and Spear, includes Tichi-Huchi, Musician and Standard Bearer. [3]
  • 6th Edition:: Cold One, Hand Weapon, Shield and Spear, includes Tichi-Huchi, Musician and Standard Bearer. [1]
  • Blessed by the Old Ones: They are shielded by a mysterious aura that prevents them from being pursued if they loose in combat so they always get to live and fight another day. [1][3]



By Grungni! Great value for money; these lizards. They fight for only a couple of mere strips of gold!

~ Dwarf Lord Borik.[3]


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