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Tilea, land of merchants, mercenaries, money and anarchy.

Tilea is a nation of the Old World, lacking a central government. Sharing a common language and culture it is politically divided in several city-states. [7]

The city states have varying forms of government - some are republics while others were principalities. [7]

Tilea is (in)famous for its mercenaries or Dogs of War and although Men were the most common, but Dwarfs, High Elves and Ogres were also employed in the armies of the Merchant Princes.


Tilea roughly surrounds the Tilean Sea with the Apuccini Mountains forming the eastern border, the Abasko Mountains the western, and the Irrana Mountains forming the northern border. [7]

The Apuccinis protect Tilea from the lawless region of the Border Princes, but the forests of the foothills are dangerous enough, harbouring predatory beasts with Goblins and bandits also being a pervasive threat. [7]

The coastal states are important maritime powers which struggle with the Arabyans and Estalians for dominance of the sea trade. Although Tilea was distinguished by the rivalry between its city states, the recognition of a common heritage ensures that they usually cooperate against common enemies. The inland states are mostly concerned with agriculture and sometimes subservient in some way to the coastal states. [7]

Major city-states

Other city-states


In 1699 IC the merchants, Ricco and Robbio convinced the various princes of Tilea to finance an expedition to the east to find Lustria and hopefully even Ulthuan and the source of silk. A huge mercenary military force accompanied them and it attracted a large contingent of slayers who considered the whole thing doomed but for years nothing was heard of them. Then in 1714 IC, a caravan with pack mules laded with silk arrived in Verezzo accompanied by a message from the brothers who were residing in the previously unknown empire of Cathay. They had set up a trading enclave in the western most city of Shang-Yang and subsequnetly opened up a trade route which became known as the Silk Road. [3a]

After the Lichemaster creates the fortress of Krinal in the Vaults in 2460 IC he begins sending armies against northern Tilea. Several Tilean Dukes pledge allegiance to him to stop his raids and once more Kemmler turns his attention to Bretonnia, attacking Carcassonne in 2470 IC. [5a]

During the early stages of the End Times, Tilea was invaded and completely overrun by Skaven.[1]


They are often mistaken for Estalians when speaking which is guaranteed to annoy them. [7]


Tilea had no regular military, and all city states employed companies of mercenaries instead. The companies ranged from groups of hardened, professional soldiers who would honourably fulfill the terms of their contract to the letter, to unscrupulous rabble all too prone to rebellion, plundering, and treachery.

Mercenary Crossbowmen are always in high demand in the Empire [6a] but usually retain their own clothing and banners when serving there. Tilean flags are often striped with designs created at the whim of the leader of the company. [6b]


Tilea is renowned for its wines and the various city states have many merchants and fleets of ships to faciliate trade or to explore new lands in search of riches or commerce. [2a]


All dates given in the Sigmarite Calendar.

Archaic Age

  • c -700 - Tilean shepherds seen grazing their flocks in ruined Elf cities. [4a]

Classical Age

  • c -25 The twins Lucan and Luccina become lost in the wilderness and take refuge in a cave where they are guarded by a monstrous leopard with two heads and three tails. [4a]
  • c 1 - Legend has it the twins Lucan and Luccina build the city of Luccini amid the ruins of a former Elven city. [4a] Remas, Sartosa & Tobaro are built in the following centuries.
  • c 20-60 The warrior goddess, Myrmidia manifests as a mortal woman. After suffering great hardships, she rises to the head of a force that sweeps across Tilea and Estalia, forging a great southern empire.[4a]
  • c 451 - The coast of Tilea is ravaged by the combined fleets of the Dark Elves and Settra (king of the undead in Nehekhara). Sartosa is destroyed.[4a]

Tilean Dark Ages

  • c 475 - An Orc horde rampages through Tilea sacking many cities.[4a]
  • c 491-978 - Slowly the Tileans drive the Orcs back over the Apuccini Mountains [4a]
  • c 1017 - A stronghold is established in Sartosa by Norse raiders.[4a]

Era of Araby Wars

  • c 1240 - The Corsairs of Araby invade Sartosa. [4a]
  • c 1366 - As the civil war ravages the Empire, Tilean mercenaries fight on both sides. [4a]
  • c 1425 - The historic tournament of Ravola in which the Bretonnians are defeated by Tilean Knights, thus Tilea became safe from Bretonnian territorial advances.[4a]
  • c 1448 - Mercenaries from Tilea help free Estalia from Sultan Jaffar's army. [4a]
  • c 1487 - Remas suffers a Dark Elf raid.

Age of Exploration

Era of Enlightenment

  • c 2000 - Art, culture and prosperity spread throughout Tilea.[4a]
  • c 2012 - Leonardo of Miragliano, the inventive genius, enters the Emperor's service.[4a]
  • c 2236 - Grottio is exiled for painting 2,000 naked nymphs on the ceiling of the Palazzo Verezzo. He is exiled to the island of Nonucci.[4a]
  • 2243 - The Black Cygnet, a infamous pirate retires and founds the estate of Udolpho. [4a]
  • 2302-2320 - Small towns near the Blighted Marshes are razed or disapear. [4a]
  • c 2321-99 - Recurrent famines grip Tilea. They are caused by thousands of mice eating the grains. Remas and Verezzo are declared republics.[4a]
  • 2379 - Dark Elf corsairs are shipwrecked near Sartosa, they steal several ships including the flagship of the pirate lord Ernezio Porcurio and raid the coasts near Remas and Luccini. They are later betrayed by the mercenaries they hired and become captives themselves. [4a]
  • 2401 - Inspired by the example of the formidable Mana-Lisi, 500 Tilean mercaneries hold out against 10,000 Orcs at the siege of Monte Castello. [4a]
  • 2406 Mercenary General Ennio Mordini is employed by Duke Fabriano of Lambrusco but is so competent that he makes his employer increasingly nervous. [4a]
  • 2411 Mordini is slain with his men, betrayed by his employer. [4a]
  • 2416 An skeleton army of skeletons flying the tattered banner of Mordini emerge from Appucini mountains, lay siege to Lambrusco, overrun it, and fortify it. [4a]
  • 2460 The Lichemaster sends armies into northern Tilea, several Dukes secretly pledge themselves to him and he attacks Bretonnia instead. [5a]
  • c 2485 - Borgio declares himself Prince of Miragliano.[4a]
  • 2488 - Prince Luigi of Pavona is assassinated, leaving his beautiful young widow, Lucretia Belladonna as ruler of the principality. [4a]
  • c 2489 - At the battle of Villa Vennia, a mercenary army from Remas is defeated by Miragliano.[4a]
  • c 2495 - At the battle of Via Vedia, Verezzo is defeated by Miragliano.[4a]
  • c 2497 - At the battle of Vittoria Viccia, Trantio is defeated by Miragliano.[4a]
  • c 2503 - The mighty Borgio the 'Besieger' is killed in his bath with a toasting fork.[4a]
  • c 2505 - Lorenzo Lupo becomes Prince of Luccini.[4a]
  • 2507 Miragliano is beset by a virulent outbreak of the Yellow Ague, it is traced back to the water sold by the Water Wizard, Ysidro d'Amato who flees the city. [4a]
  • 2509 - Leopold di Lucano and the temple guard from Luccini decide to send a generous portion of all their earnings back to the temple of Lucan and Luccina. Their fortunes change and they win the first of many victories.[4a]
  • c 2513 - The Prince of Pavona is poisoned by Lucrezzia Belladonna. He is her 7th husband.[4a]

The End Times

  • c 2522 - The Skaven rout a mercenary army defending the city of Miragliano and continue on to raze the city.
  • c 2523 - Tilea falls to the skaven.[2]


The Dogs of War army in Warhammer Fantasy represented the armies of the various Merchant Princes and was comprised entirely of hired mercenaries.

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