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Lord Tlaco'amoxtli'ueman is a Slann Mage-Priest also known as Lord Tlaco. [1a]

An ancient creature, one of the oldest surviving members of his race, he views the world and other dimensions as mathematical constructs, the Gods of Chaos as persistant fractals, multi-dimensional displacements and living beings as low phase creatures, the Xa'cota as debased and disordered equations. [1a]


He was awakened from his hibination by a disharmony in his slumbering calculations, a persistant fractal that many of his the low phase minions that served the Slann had begun to venerate.[1a] This disturbance was Xiuhcoatl, a Prophet of Sotek that had claimed the city of Quetza, to try and elimnate this problem and an incursion by Xa'cota, he used his powers to make a minor adjustment to the Geomantic Web that would cause a storm to drive the Cobra of Khemri towards Lustria. [1b]


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