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Tlax was a Temple-City of the Lizardmen located in the East of Lustria. [1a] It is now known as the City of Ghosts. [2a][3a]

It can be found on the Tarantula Coast but few linger within its ruins. [3a]

Ghostly Saurus and Daemons manifest at times in the city, still locked in battle and each decade Slann travel to the city to reinforce the spirits with their magical power. [3a]


Dark Elves attack the city but are defeated by Lord Ztlocutec. [1c]

In the year 1492 IC several human vessels arrived on the nearby coast, and much to the surprise and pleasure of the lizardmen, offered a tribute of stolen treasures and captured Skaven receiving initially food in return. [1b]

Lord Xtli dispatched Zltoc to meet with the barbarians with the scribe Huinipachuti as he spoke one of their strange languages. They discovered that the leader was Marco Colombo, a Tilean from Remas who sought to trade with them. Zltoc made it clear that We do not need to trade but the humans offered to aid them against raiders and other enemies with their ships and gunpowder weapons. The delegation returned to the city to consider the matter with lord Xtli. [1b]

Lord Xtli wished for the barbarians to answer three questions and summoned them to the city. Marco was able to show Xtli his maps and confirmed that Sotek had not appeared in their lands - both answers pleasing the Mage-Priest. When asked about how Warm-bloods spawn, Marco resorted to much gesticulation and noting that intoxicating beverages, music and darkness was important - much as the Dwarfs so asked had said to Lord Zetec. To the lizardmen this all seemed very strange and foolish. [1b]

The High Skinks of the city continued the negotiations offering spice, grubs, potions and the tusks of many great reptiles and when asked - pearls that were so commonplace with freshwater clams being a ubiquitous snack. The High Skinks were very pleased that they could be bought with such worthless objects! Whilst final negotiations were taking place, the city was attacked by Dark Elves and Marco bore witness to the Lizardmen at war. He in turn was able to pursue and capture the Dark Elf vessel, killing all on board and was rewarded by even more pearls and spices. [1b]

Marco and one ship remained and retrieved sacred artefacts from three Norse Longships. Lord Xtli returned artefacts to other cities who sent presents to him and his mercenary in gratitude. Finally, during a ritual celebration, the barbarians set sail and headed home. [1b]

The momentous calamities suffered here are replayed when the stars are right. [2a]



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