Tome Celestial

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Tomes Celestial are mini-Battletomes in the White Dwarf magazines containing details about a sub-faction in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. It contains lore and rules to play as that subfaction.


Tome Celestial 2nd Edition
Tome Celestial The Hammerhands cover.jpg

Tome Celestial: The Hammerhands

Tome Celestial Steel Souls cover.jpg

Tome Celestial: Steel Souls

Tome Celestial Vostarg 001.jpg

Tome Celestial: The Vostarg Lodge

Tome Celestial The Sempiternals cover 001.jpg

Tome Celestial: The Sempiternals

Tome Celestial The Host of Syll'Esske 001.jpg

Tome Celestial: The Host of Syll'Esske