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Tor god of Thunder and Lightning

Tor is the Kislev god of Thunder and Lightning and a warrior god.[1a]

He is mainly worshipped in Kislev. He is shown as a muscled, square-jawed warrior with a massive axe which has a haft of oak and is used it to cleave the sky to create thunderbolts. He is the most active of the Kislevite gods and his name is often used as a curse on others. [1a]


Usually a thunderbolt or an axe with a thunderbolt for a haft. Silver is a favoured metal of Tor and usual for a famed warrior to have threads of silver woven into his moustache or beard as a sign of thanks.[1a]


Temples to Tor are built on the tops of hills and there are many in the Worlds Edge Mountains near to the Peak Pass and High Pass. They are imposing structures of large stone blocks with heavy roofs of wooden logs.[1a]

Friends and Enemies

They have an indifferent approach towards other gods although they have no particular allies among other gods. They do tend to get on with the followers of Ulric however.[1a]

Holy Days

Tor doesn't have any formal holy days, however during mighty storms, people gather outside to honour Tor. They also praise him before and after a battle.[1a]


There is only one stricture, and a quite sensible one:

  • Never stand under a tree during a thunderstorm. [1a]


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