Town Cryer 23

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Town Cryer 23
Town Cryer 23 cover 001.jpg
Cover of Town Cryer 23
Editor(s) Steve Hambrook
Released 2002
Pages 24
Preceded by Town Cryer 22
Followed by Town Cryer 24

Town Cryer 23 is a magazine for the Mordheim (game) set in the City of the Damned, Mordheim and beyond.


  • The Editor Speaks.
  • New in Town: New models for the Amazon Warband.
  • Amazons: Updated Rules for the Amazon Warband and background for using in Mordheim setting.
  • City of the Damned: Part Three of a detailed exmamination of the history and other aspects of the city focussing on the north-west quarter.
  • Empire in Flames: Part One of the new wilderness setting for the game setting teh scene with an examination of the history, geography and politics of the Empire.
  • The Bodyguards: A special scenario.