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Trancas Quendalmanliye is a Wood Elf Wizard and the joint owner of the Three of a Kind Cabaret and Casino in Marienburg. [1a]

He is a Wood Elf in early middle age with hazel eyes blond hair kept in a ponytail, greeting people with a friendly, breezy manner. [1a]


More than hundred years ago, when he was a child, his forest village was destroyed and all of his family and friends were killed by Orcs. Later he would discover that they had been bribed to rampage through the forest rather than the Middenland by agents of Hans-Dietrich von Bildhofen, heir to the Grand Dukedom. [1a]

He killed Hans in his own study and fled, a 2000 Gold Crown bounty on his head - which is still outstanding, though likely only he recalls this. [1a]

Trancas then wondered through the Empire and Bretonnia, making his fortune and then settling in Marienburg. Once established, with his friend Fredrik Greendale and lover Morgaine Bauersdottir, an ex-mercenary sergeant he opened the Casino and Cabaret in the Elftown district. [1a]

Over the last few years his curiosity and impeccable social credentials has led to him becoming has become the biggest information broker in the city with contacts at all levels of society. [1a]


What kind of a place is Three of a Kind? Oh, dear boy, everyone who's anyone comes to Three of a Kind.

~ Marienburg Socialite.[1a]



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