Tretch Craventail

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Tretch fighting Lizardmen

Treetch Craventail is the Clan Rictus Grand Chieftain of the Deep Warrens. [2b]

He is famous for embodying the race's discipline of Verminous Valour. He has made running away, sneaking and back-stabbing into an artform. [1]


In the year 2515 IC [2a] He was one of the guards of a slave train of Night Goblins returning to the clan stronghold of [{Crookback Mountain]] when he used a small keg of Mad Cap Mushrooms to turn the captives into a whirling death-dealers. In the ensuing chaos, his clawleader died and he took his place. [2b]

Tretch discovered a path that allowed him to flank the Dwarf lines at the Battle of Black Crag. [2b]

He lead a raid on the camp of the Black Orc Warboss Dagbad, borrwoing beneath it and stealing all of his gonlin slaves. [2b]

When a captured Imperial Galleon sank on the River Aver he was the only survivor. [2b]

The previous Grand Chieftain he assassinated, concealing himself and then dropping from a stalactite to cut him in two. [2b]

Weapons and Equipment

He wears Heavy Armour, is armed with a collection of blades (including a tailblade) and wears his Lucky Skullhelm. [1][2c]