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Amphisbaena2.jpg This article is about the sea monster;
for the Order of the Triton, consult Cult of Manann.

Triton is the favoured son of the Sea God Manann.[1b]

He has been sighted in all the seas and oceans of the world. [2c]


In Tilea, there are legends that Triton keeps his treasure on Albion. [3]


He resembles his father, another reason is so highly regarded by his parent[1b] but he also is similar (but on a much larger scale) to the Sirens. Above the waist he has the visage of a savage, but handsome and powerful man and below is the loins and tail of a fish. The largest Giants are small compared to Triton.[1c]

Dark Elves

He is especially hostile to Dark Elves, becoming enraged at their subjugation of Kharibdyss and Sea Dragons.[1c]

Lord of the Deep

All marine creatures respect him.[1c]


Although he never speaks to mortals, he does make utterances when casting spells but in a language unknown to wizards or Elves.[1c]


Doktor Brauer, a scholar from Nuln claims that Mermaids worship Triton. [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

His crown and trident are made from a metal as hard as iron and incorruptible as gold.[1c]

  • WFRP 4th: Crown, Trident.[1c]
  • Trident: A vast weapon more than a hundred yards long [1c] which he can use to skewer an entire small ship. [2c]




I never believed the stories of living ships sailed by the Dark Elves until I saw one with my own eyes. One of the winter storms of the Sea of Claws had thrown us off course, and we were not the only ones. A storm-tossed creature like a Dragon of the sea began approaching as soon as the waves clamed, towing a ship full of murderous Elves behind it as if it were a coach. Without wind, we sat and waited for our doom as the monstrosity swam towarfds us. Suddenly, an immense trident burst through the Dragon's hide from underneath and hauled it, and its crew, beneath the waves. Before that day I was not a religious man.

~ Diederick Nieman, Sea Captain.[2b]


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