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Tulg the Wide was a sorcerer in the Order of the Fly who was part of the crusade into the Realm of Shyish led by Blightmaser Ocander Wolgus.[1]

He was killed by the Mortarch of Blood, Neferata as he fought Tamra ven-Drak.[1]


A vast man with a a leering grin stretched across his pallid features. Toadstools would sprout in his wake and a cloud of flies swirled constantly about his head like a halo. [1]


I think I will chain you to my master’s palanquin, corpse-eater.Or what’s left of you. You do not need your arms or legs to stump along, awkward though it may be. And your scalp will look fine hanging from the banners of the Order of the Fly. So... arms, legs and hair. In that order, I think

~ Tulg to Tamra ven-Drak.[1]