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Tz'arkan or Drinker of Worlds is a Daemon. His patron god is Slaanesh.


During the Age of Strife, five mighty Chaos Sorcerers trapped him in a crystal prison made of the raw energy of chaos. They planned to draw upon his power to become even more mighty and rule vast kingdoms. But the daemon, although trapped, managed to influence events that brought doom to the five sorcerers and, one by one, they perished.

Thousands of years later, Malus Darkblade was driven by desperation to seek out the daemon's prison. The daemon managed to possess Malus, when Malus's avarice prompted him to put on a ruby ring that was the daemon's temple/prison. The daemon claimed Malus's soul and would only release him if Malus collected for him the five artifacts which the sorcerers had used to entrap him. Moreover, Malus had to complete the quest within a year, or else his soul would belong to the daemon forever.

Malus could draw on the daemon's power to heal and increase his physical prowess, but at the cost of increasing the daemon's control over Malus's body. Tz’arkan constantly taunts Malus and will generally only assist Malus when its suits the daemon.

Malus succeeded in finding all the relics, but had drawn on too much of the daemon's power and lost control of his body. However, in the temple, the daemon had to release Malus so that he could perform the ritual of his own free will.

As a testament to the treachery of daemons, Tz'arkan took Malus Darkblade's soul, even though Malus had freed him. But Malus anticipated the treachery and fought the daemon, melting all but one of the artifacts of power. Malus searched the Chaos Wastes for ages before finally reclaiming his soul only to find the daemon still attached to him.