Tzaangor Shaman

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Tzaangor Shamans are gifted and powerful Tzaangor sorcerers of the Tzeentch Arcanites, renowned for their precognitive visions and savage intelligence.[2]

Born beneath dark omens, the Tzaangor Shamans are held in the highest reverence by their warflocks and are usually gifted with a Disc of Tzeentch, which figuratively and literally raises them above their peers. Whilst they begrudge those who are not Tzaangors they can unleash a mutagenic spell to transform their targets into glistening-skinned Tzaangors.[1][2]

They lead warflocks through their gift of prophecy, but also will deign to join an Arcanite Cult or set forth on a specific mission. Besides being a powerful sorcerer, they are also formidable close-range fighters.[1][2]

Tzaangor Shamans taught their warflocks that eating the tongues of foes grants these creatures speech and also insights into the nature of the foe. They also lead hunts for Chaos creatures they can bind to their will.[1]


  • Tzanghur: A Great Changer marked with a lurid scar from a orruk blade. He leads the Hexhorns, an Alter-kin coven of the Inglorious Transition transforming all they can into the blessed form of a Tzaangor.[1]
  • Zyclaw: A bitter and power hungry soul, he leads the Changemasters on a self imposed quest to destroy 999 other magic users in the name of Tzeentch. He is high in the favour of his god having turned a orruk horde into mewling beastmen before sacrificing them. He is aided by a great many daemons and even the Eater of Tomes a Gaunt Summoner.[1]