Ulfric Grondal

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Ulfric Grondal is a Norse Lord [1a] and the King of the Bjornlings. [2a]

He rules from the town of Skjold. [2a]


Ulfric's daughter was born as a mutant and was thrown into the sea to drown in accordance to Bjornling tradition. However, she survived and eventually became the pirate Aranessa Saltspite. As an adult, Aranessa developed a lasting enmity for the Norse and a particular desire to kill her father.[2a]

Ulfric took three Kingships full of Norse warriors in search of plunder seeking the legendary Southlands but as they traversed the Sea of Claws they were struck by powerful storms. Tired and hungry, disorientated from the distorting effects of the dread waters they finally made landfall on a gloomy island. [1a]

Ulfric led his warriors inland and discovered what appeared to be a monastery, declaring that they were the source of the curse that had plagued them, he urged his Berserkers to break open the heavy gates. [1b] As they broke through, the Norse surged inside the walls and were confronted by robbed and hooded figures who they began to cut down, not noticing the doors close behind them. The cowled corpses began to rise up, revealing themselves as skeletons and sending fear through the norse warriors as they also discovered the now locked gates. Ulfric rallied his men to fight their way out. [1c]

After returning to Norsca, Ulric became followed by accusations of cowardice for retreating from the island. As a result, he seeks to relocate the monastery and send a crew to take it.[2a]


Form a shield wall. If we are to die, let us go to the Gods with honour, standing on a pile of bones and broken skulls. Unfurl the banner and sound the Warcry; we are Norsemen and will not be taken easily.

~ Ulfric. [1c]


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